Infoblox DHCP Filters for Mixed UEFI/BIOS PXE Boot

After migrating all of our DHCP helpers to Infoblox in the past few weeks, one of the annoyances we had was having to override the bootfile name in the DHCP lease for new hosts that were being built. Since all new server hardware purchases have UEFI enabled by default, in order to PXE boot from your TFTP server, you have to pass it a different bootfile (bootx64.efi) than you would if you were using a traditional BIOS-based system. Some of our admins were either manually overriding the host record in Infoblox to use bootx64.efi as its bootfile (instead of pxelinux.0 if you’re using syslinux), or, even worse, putting the machine into legacy BIOS mode in order to kickstart the box. What I needed was a way for Infoblox to automatically present the needed boot file without any extra steps in the provisioning process.

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